Spring takes center stage in South Dakota!


As you’ve noticed I kinda fell off the wagon for posting regularly. I have a good excuse I promise! With the start of spring you can’t help but notice how the landscape begins taking on a greenish hue and the  buds on the trees swell with the new leaves within-wow that was poetic-even for me! But while glancing across the changing landscape a faint bawl echoes through the air as a new born calf says hello to the world.

All across the west men and women are witnessing the blessings of nature and it has kept us all busy! This calving season has gone

Mollie and Oscar

very well for us here on the Cheyenne-and though I speak only for my family I can’t help but feel the same is true for many others. Considering the devastation of the infamous October blizzard which left a nasty scar on western South Dakota, each calf born is another step towards recovery for many.

A portion of our excitement has arrived in the form of three sets of twins. I know some have probably had more and three is nothing, but for us three sets is something of a record. Now, as much as a blessing it is to get two for one it becomes difficult for some cows to care for both twins. Thus enters the nanny…or at least it would if we had a goat…but for now the nanny is myself. Yup, I’m a formula-mixing, bottle-feeding nurse maid to two twins. Now I usually don’t do the whole naming thing, but as these twins could be my responsibility for a while it seemed only fitting to call them something besides Calf 1 and Calf 2! So I now call them Oscar and Mollie and what a hand-full they are. They aren’t very big but by golly when its time to eat I brace myself for impact!

Now Mollie is younger than Oscar by about four days but Oscar is 4 inches smaller in dimension. Mollie inhales her bottle spilling milk and drooling bubbles like crazy  while Oscar, being the little gentlecalf he is, savors every drop and rarely spills. Who said girls were better mannered than boys?!

But besides these two hooligans, the pasture is filling up with little jaspers! We received and inch and ten in rain here this week which has proved a blessing and everything is green and growing strong! Weather forecasts predict a slightly wetter summer than last year and honestly last year was a pretty good year so here’s hoping!


I’ll keep ya’ll updated on the progress of Oscar and Mollie in the future. I hope everyone gets lots of moisture and for those of you down in Florida and the south, please send some of your moisture this way. P.S.-please don’t mail water as envelopes leak!