Welcome to the Artist Ride!  Artist Ride is an annual invitation-only event that is approaching its’ 32nd anniversary! Artist Ride is a gathering of professional western artists and professional western and Native American models from all over the United States who meet on the Shearer Ranch north of Wall along the scenic Cheyenne River.

Artist Ride started, in part, with Lavon Shearer and has since progressed to include four generations of the Shearer family.

Just a few of the Shearer family.
Just a few of the Shearer family.

Artist Ride is a unique opportunity that offers artists the chance to recapture the western life as it was in the 1800s. As well as daily life on todays working ranch.

During Artist Ride, artists can set up historic scenarios which are photographed and then used by the artist as reference material for their artwork. There is a wide variety of models portraying everything from mountain men, Native American, Eastern Indian, cavalry, pioneers, cowboy, and everything in between. Set amongst a limitless expanse of river bottom, cedars and cottonwoods, Artist Ride offers a multitude of photographing background. The scenic river breaks, the Cheyenne River and the solitude all combine to make a one-of-a-kind backdrop that can’t be found anywhere else.

All the models are chosen based on their love and respect for their heritage and history. Their wardrobes are paralleled only by those one would find in the Smithsonian. Carefully studied and handcrafted, the details of the the clothes they wear and the tack and props they bring are invaluable to the authenticity artists are looking for.

After the shoot concludes the artists use their material to create some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of western artwork. It’s pretty inspiring to know that the painting actually captures the emotion of the moment and how it really happened.

Many who attend Artist Ride camp beneath the cottonwoods along the river, mainly so they don’t miss anything, but also to catch up with friends and visit. That’s what makes Artist Ride the most unique, is the people!

For more information on Artist Ride please contact Garrett (605)-515-4932.


Reliving history one painting at a time!