Lavon and Dorothy Shearer

Artist Ride is one of those events whose origin makes for an incredible campfire story.

In 1984, beneath the shadow of the South Dakota Badlands, in what is known as Conata Basin, a group of men gathered on the Ed Huether ranch to move cattle. Among these men were Lavon Shearer, Dan Dueter, Dale Lewis, and Grant Shearer.

During the day, artist Dan Dueter, photographed the work for reference to paintings he had in mind and set up various scenarios throughout the day. Into the night the cowboys set up their gear around the campfire and relaxed after a day of working and playing. The suggestion was made that other artists might have fun and benefit from participating in a day of cowboying. The following year, Dueter, along with another artist, participated in helping gather and work cattle. This time, instead of modern clothes, the cowboys donned apparel harkening back to the 1880s accompanied with a team of horses, chuckwagon, and slick-fork saddles.

Surrey originally driven by O.G. Shearer on the 2nd annual Artist Ride being driven by two generations of the Shearer family. 

My great-grandpa, O.G. Shearer and my grandad Lavon, had collected a variety of wagons, buggies, western saddles, barrels, cast iron cooking sets, and other western items for many years and thought these would be great additions to the “ride.” Unfortunately all the equipment was north of Wall along the Cheyenne River so the ride was moved to the river. The Artist Ride has resided on the Grant and JoDee Shearer Ranch to this very day.



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