WELCOME to Artist Ride. A place where history jumps from the pages of history into reality. We are happy that you’ve dropped by perhaps looking to join the Artist Ride family or are a current member!

Artist Ride is located along the scenic Cheyenne River in western South Dakota. Along with your camera and extra SD cards it would also be beneficial to have an extra camera on hand in the event you run into technical difficulties which has been known to happen.

Tennis shoes are a must! There can be a considerable amount of walking done at Artist Ride, but it is well worth it. Bring your FitBit too if you’re looking to add steps to your monthly count.

Many artists and models camp right on site at Artist Ride. RV’s, campers, pickups and horse trailers are welcome. Please note that there are no hookups, but generators are permissible.IMG_0155

As such if you are camping the usual camping gear might include:  Tent, sleeping bags, matches, camp chairs, cooler, flashlight or lantern,  and an appreciation for watching the stars dance.

The temperatures can get fairly warm sometimes in August which means three things; 1). no humidity, 2). no mosquitoes, (although you might bring some bug spray along just in case), and 3). bring sunscreen!

As always these are just suggestions to help you better prepare for your stay at Artist Ride.

There are also great hotels 25 minutes away in Wall. Below are just a few of the hotels available.

Sunshine Inn- 605-279-2178

Best Western Plains Inn-605-279-2145

Super 8- 605-279-2688





Reliving history one painting at a time!

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